new trend in fountain pens

Pilot and Platinum, along with other brands like Smiggle, Schneider, and Inoxcrom, have embarked on a new adventure in fountain pen manufacturing and marketing by creating the cheap disposable fountain pen! Their way of bringing fine writing instruments to the masses, these colorful FPs appeal to the young and young at heart with their bright colors and affordable prices.

The latest trend is to package the FPs much like what is being done with gel pens – a set of rainbow colors in a transparent plastic case.

The Pilot Varsity (below) is lightweight and disposable. An ink supply window in the barrel shows you how much ink is left. It comes in black, blue, red, green, purple, light blue, and pink. This set of seven pens costs around US$17.

Platinum, a brand well known for quality, doesn’t compromise when it comes to its Preppy line. Packaged in sets of six, it comes in black, blue, red, yellow, pink, and green. The nib and ink are the same color! Around US$3 each pen.


Pilot has another ace up its sleeve with the Petit1, for “the young and modern adult”. The nib is fine, stainless steel, and uses ink cartridges. It comes in a wide range of sixteen colors, and is around US$4.50 each pen.

To buy online, try Jpens or Jetpens.

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