new inks and pens give me happy :)

A friend from the US is in town, bearing inks and pens. How blessed am I? First, to have a friend who carried the heavy inks in his luggage all the way from the Midwest; and second, for my stuff to have been in the suitcase that was not lost along the way.

On the left photo, from the top, a batch of five Platinum Preppy refillable highlighter pens; a Preppy eyedropper (ED)-fill fountain pen; another refillable highlighter, this one an ED-fill; and a cartridge-fill Pelikan rollerball. Right photo, the Preppy ED filled with Noodler’s Habanero; the highlighter ED filled with Noodler’s Year of the Golden Pig; a Sailor “21″ Pink from Leigh; the Pelikan rollerball; and a Platinum Nature “Iris” long-short, also from Leigh.

Finally, beautiful inks! Now I can fill the “Leigh” pens. I got them way back in March, but held off inking them until I could obtain encres worthy of them. Now the Sailor “21″ Pink is filled with J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen. Sadly, there must have been residual blue ink in the cartridge; I probably hadn’t flushed it out properly, so it writes purplish. But the pen itself is a lovely writer. Smoooth.


Left photo: Noodler’s Year of the Golden Pig highlighter ink (only 1,000 bottles were made), J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen, Noodler’s Habanero (orange), and Private Reserve Black Cherry.


I filled the Plat Iris with Black Cherry, the Plat Preppy ED with Habanero. It’s my first time to have an ED pen, and a “demonstrator” ED at that; just like one of the Preppy refillable highlighters – see the topmost photo. You can actually see the ink sloshing around the barrel and creeping up the feed. Lovely! sends shivers up your spine, it does.


Ten minutes later…

I flushed out the nibs of the Plat Iris and the Sailor 21. The Plat now writes a proper Black Cherry (kind of brown), but the Sailor won’t write pink as the Rose Cyclamen should. Sigh. Live and learn.


Still, the inks are not your usual black, blue, or blue-black. I’m happy…and saving the environment by not using disposable ballpoint-pens and highlighters that take up a lot of landfill space and are non-biodegradable.

Yay for refillable and reusable pens!

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