inspired invention: french press

When I have time, I make coffee using a French press. Mine is a four-cup pink Bodum that I bought at Starbucks four years ago. I get beans at Starbucks on their Coffee Passport promo (buy a total of eight bags and get one free! no time limit, I think). As for creamer, I prefer vanilla-flavored.

A French press is very convenient and easy to use, a truly inspired and wonderful invention. Just put in ground coffee (around two tablespoons per cup), add very hot (not boiling water), and steep for four minutes, then slowly press down the plunger to strain. Pour yourself a cup of fresh brew!

Make sure to have your beans ground “very coarse”, otherwise not all particles will be properly strained and you’ll be spitting out bitter bits of ground beans. Do not re-use coffee grounds; the resulting fluid will not taste good. (Believe me, I’ve tried it. Blecch.) Used grounds make great garden fertilizer and skin exfoliant (try it next time you’re in the shower).

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