“my first moley”

It was during the ’80s, I think, that children’s versions of familiar objects became popular among manufacturers. “My First (insert name of product)” filled the shelves of toy stores around the world – “My First Radio”, “My First Guitar”.

I was reminded of that when last Sunday, Ik prevailed upon her father to buy her her first Moleskine. Oyet glanced at the price tag and turned several shades paler, but good-naturedly took out the plastic for his daughter’s first grown-up indulgence.

Ik unwraps her Pocket Ruled Notebook and poses with her Lamy Safari fountain pen with a 1.1mm italic nib, in a limited edition color of blue barrel and red clip.

A Moleskine (pronounced as spelled) is a hardbound, Smythe-sewn, oilskin-covered notebook filled with creamy yellow paper over which your pen nib glides like glass.

Touted as similar to the kind of notebook used by Hemingway, Van Gogh, Picasso, and other artistic and literary greats, it has a massive fanbase among intellectuals, aesthetes, and geeks worldwide, thanks to the hyperactive marketing machinery of Modo e Modo, the Italian company that brought the moleskin notebook back from oblivion.

Ik, a fledgeling artist and writer, deserves her Moleskine and Lamy italic Safari. I can feel and share her delight in owning such a lavish repository of her work. Connected by this notebook and a stretch of imagination to writers and artists across time and space, she will fill her Moley with words and drawings that express her art, her heart.

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