manila ocean park – a whale of a place

We visited the recently-opened Manila Ocean Park last Saturday and had a good time. It’s something new for Manila and interesting enough to visit.

It’s called the country’s “first oceanarium” and features tanks full of fish – from freshwater to saline – arranged according to the ocean depths. A venture backed by investors from Malaysia and Singapore, the facility cost P1.2 billion and isn’t even done, as a mall and 100-bedroom hotel are still to be built on the land which was leased for 25 years from the government.

Over 200 species of marine life are said to be represented in the park.


There’s a tunnel of glass without, alas, a conveyor belt to quickly ferry visitors, resulting in a clogged tunnel where people sit to take photos.


Gazing into the tunnel’s depths shows flashes of different fish and other aquatic creatures.




People crane their necks to view these rays in an overhead (ceiling) tank.


According to Mrs. Irma Nuevo, Vice-President for Human Resources and Operations Manager of Manila Ocean Park, they do not keepĀ animals such as dolphins and dugongs on display in the park as they are endangered and belong in the wild rather than in captivity.

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