makati city has plants. and flowers.

We may gripe and rant about how hot the Philippines is, especially big dense cities like Manila and Makati, which are over-crowded and polluted. Makati, especially, as the country’s business district, is accused of being dusty and noisy with the incessant honking of horns, and ugly with all the cement high-rises rising up to accommodate an ever-increasing population from all over the world.

That may be true. But take a good close look. Makati has lots of greenery, pocket parks and plants bursting from sidewalk and building planters. I found all these flora along a short stretch of road – along Legaspi Street from the corner of Rada to the corner of Paseo de Roxas.

Pink flowers on a strip of grass in front of an office building


Entrance to Washington Sycip Park. Brass letters spelling out the park’s name used to be installed on the rock in foreground. Now they are gone. Stolen? Taken away for safekeeping?


Another shot of the entrance to Sycip Park, from another angle. It is so interesting that you take take hundreds of different shots of this one part of the park alone. To the left is a modern sculpture; it is nicely balanced by the streetlamp on the right.


Magenta bougainvillea on a bush. I was afraid this photo would not come out nicely on my Canon Ixus point-and-shoot as it was a windy afternoon; the leaves and flowers fluttered constantly and absolutely would not keep still long enough for me to take a good picture! It turned out okay, though.


A long shot placing the bougainvillea in context – against a background of different ornamentals of varying shades. Applause for the landscape artist! In the center of the shot, between the fronds of the foliage, you can glimpse a high-rise. It almost looks as if it were ruins in the middle of a jungle…


My favorite shot of the day – white frangipani (calachuchi) blossoms and branches against an almost cloudless blue Manila sky…


Unidentified saffron-colored blooms juxtaposed against a concrete-and-glass tower.

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  1. ezra
    4 September 2008 at 10:13 am (4330 days ago)

    hi :)

    im planning to go to this park soon,
    would you know how i can get there from glorietta?

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