jay david: mga kwento ng batang kaning-lamig

Mga Kwento ng Batang Kaning-Lamig is a hilarious collection of letters written by “Unkyel Batjay”, a Filipino living in the US, giving hapless “Gentle Readers” well-meant but often satiric advice couched in unabashedly bawdy terms.

A wise man who is also a wise guy, more shrewd than scholarly, proud of his heritage and brown skin (including, uh, the wrinkly skin down there), Unkyel Batjay shows us that no matter where in the world we Filipinos may end up, the best weapons in our arsenal for survival are compassion, humor, and pride in being Pinoy.


Ito ang naratibo ni Unkyel Batjay. Alanganing tula-essay-kwento ang mga akda. Mas malapit ito sa biographical creative nonfiction. Alanganin ang lumbay at himutok, na dinaan na lamang sa biro. Sa mga lumbay at biro naroon ang kaluluwa ng naratibo, ng pambansang naratibo. Kilala natin si Unkyel Batjay. Mahal natin siya. Ang kaniyang betlog ay sa atin rin. Ang kaniyang kulangot ay duming di natin naaamoy. Kung siya ay tayo rin, mahalaga nga ang kaniyang istorya. – Jun Cruz Reyes

The author, Nicanor “Jay” David Jr., is a self-described OFW (Overseas Foreign Worker) who worked in Singapore for four years before moving to the US, where he has been living for nearly three years in sunny Southern California – right next door, in fact, to Disneyland, which he can visit everyday if he wants. This is his second book. Let us hope that he is now working on his third, and that we will be able to read it soon. Very soon.

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