ice cream and pizza

It was a very hot day. The kids and I wanted a cool snack,  and Icebergs at Glorietta seemed a good choice. The restaurant offers halo-halo with everything on it and other traditional Pinoy goodies like mais con hielo;  sundaes, parfaits, and other ice cream concoctions; and regular food like sandwiches.

Ik had a chocolate chip sundae; Alex and I shared a peach-banana split, which was good. Whipped cream was squirted on with a lavish hand, the bananas were fresh and unblemished.

But instead of having scoops of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, the split had no chocolate, but some kind of yellow ice cream. It didn’t taste like mango nor cheese, and remains unidentified to this hour.

After the ice cream, I got the kids the “desires of their sole” – a pair each of Converse All-Star high-cuts (“Chucks”), and a pair of sandals (“non-Chucks”) each.

Then, supper. On our way to the taxi stand at Glorietta 4, Ik was stopped in her tracks by a Pizza Hut Bistro sign. Being constitutionally unable to resist pizza in any size, shape, or form, Ik went in, drawn by the siren’s song of the posters displaying huge, cheesy pizzas; Alex and I followed.

The Pizza Hut Bistro is an attempt to attract the upscale A-B market by offering most of the food available at regular Pizza Huts but in more elegant surroundings. Wine racks stand by the door, a wine bottle sits upon each table, the menu makes liberal use of edgy professional photography, and the plates and cutlery whisper “almost, but not quite, fine dining”.


Alex told me to order the fettucine Alfredo. It was fine, but needed salt, which I sprinkled liberally from a handsome saltcellar. the pasta was al dente, cooked just right, not too firm, not too mushy.


Alex (who’s 16) had the fish and chips, which she says is “very good, especially with the garlic dip.” Her extreme satisfaction with the dish basically rendered her speechless and incapable of giving a more detailed review except to give it two thumbs up and a large, goofy grin.


With pizza being the house specialty, the arrival of Ik’s  Five-Cheese Pizza was eagerly awaited and, gladly, did not disappoint. Although unable to ascertain what exactly the five cheeses were, Ik (who is 9) pronounced a verdict of “really really good, like it said on the menu, ‘cheese lover’s dream’. Although you might get headaches if you try the Five-Cheese pizza with the cheese-stuffed crust. It’s a cheese overload.” Headaches notwithstanding, we finished the entire thing. It was that good.


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