how they put the “green” in “greenbelt”

Ayala Malls has plenty of reason to be proud of all that they have achieved with their renovation of the park that is an integral part of Greenbelt 3 and 5 in the Makati Central Business District. The landscaping is superb; words are inadequate to describe it. I’ll let my photographs do the talking here.





This air vent at the park is a crowd-drawer and a popular spot for photo-ops. Gbelt5_kids_vent

Ik’s hair-raising experience at “The Vent”…


A sylvan glade at the center of the park. A setting for fairies’ rides, perhaps? or, more prosaically, for photo-shoots of fashion, fountain pens, or ball-jointed dolls

Gbelt5_park2 copy

A bamboo grove is mysterious, at the same time cool and inviting; the two rocks provide visual balance.


This particular clump of greenery is beside the koi pond.


A restaurant’s outdoor seating provides a punchy glow of color against the cool landscaping.


Another eatery’s bar invites with color, shape, and form…


Mannequins with lampshades for heads punctuate a clever window display. The eye is drawn to the intense hue of the party frocks.


Not only a park, not only a shopping mall, but a showcase of Filipino design and ingenuity – Greenbelt. It’s something to be very proud of.

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    6 May 2008 at 5:36 pm (4446 days ago)

    ang cute ni Ik!

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