gogirl: madeleine albright

Madeleine Albright. Portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

She is a professor at Georgetown University, holder of a PhD in Public Law and Government from Columbia University, former US ambassador to the United Nations, and the first US female Secretary of State. For years, in the Clinton administration, she charted US foreign policy, brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace, and saw the crumbling of Communism.

She is also a mother Рof three daughters Рand was a wife Рher husband left her for another woman. As a divorcee, she overcame the pain of rejection and separation and went on to carve a successful career in her chosen field.

She tells her story in her own words in her autobiography, Madame Secretary (2003). One may disagree with her politics, but one cannot deny her intelligence, fortitude, and perseverance.

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