french ink is…french.

Just because it’s pretty and hard to find, here’s a look at a 2-oz. bottle of Waterman South Sea Blue ink:

The bottom of the bottle clearly shows its origin:


I got this at National Bookstore-Greenbelt 1 branch, which sometimes carries a few bottles of Waterman ink. I’ve bought Violet from them, and just missed Green and Red (someone else had bought their only bottles just weeks ago). They still have a bottle of Blue-Black. Who knows when they’ll get more in.

Stock up on them. Though Waterman ink isn’t waterproof (see inks test in a previous post), it’s smooth and the colors are intense, even after the ink has dried; it’s perfect for everyday use.

Next item to collect: ink bottles! I get dibs on the junkyards in the Sta. Ana-San Andres-Makati area!

taste more:

2 Comments on french ink is…french.

  1. Bruno Taut
    18 February 2011 at 5:51 pm (3334 days ago)

    Fun to see how the most common ink becomes a rarity on the other side of the world. What you consider exciting, some in Europe consider boring. Together with Pelikan, they are the chapest ink in the Spanish market.

    I do love Waterman Havana ink. Indeed one of my favourites. But I try not to buy it expensively.

    By the way, your pic IMG 4060 is no longer available.


  2. JennyO
    18 February 2011 at 11:01 pm (3333 days ago)

    Bruno, it’s great that you get your Waterman cheaply. As for the missing pic, the photohost shut down and took some of the pictures from my earlier posts with it.

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