fox books: palalim ng palalim

Following the lead of other publishing trailblazers, Fox Books reveals its own take on the horror genre with Palalim ng Palalim, Padilim ng Padilim at Iba Pang Kuwento ng Dilim.

But unlike the badly-written, ungrammatical, and obviously made-up stories touted as “true-to-life” that you’ve had to suffer through for lack of anything better to read, Fox Books delivers a collection that is light-years higher in literary quality.

Pieces by Wennie Fajilan, Beverly Siy, Mar Anthony de la Cruz, Rita de la Cruz, and Haidee Pineda reflect storytelling genius, brought to life by the grotesque illustrations of Josel Nicolas (which nearly did not see print due to their shock factor).

If you want to enjoy not just good but terrific stories and writing, showcasing some of the country’s most imaginative literary talents, then this book will be a valuable addition to your collection of Filipino fiction.

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