fox books: dagta

Is it a sign of maturity for a nation or a culture’s readers when books on erotica are published – and bought? With the publication of Fox Books’ Dagta: Antolohiya ng Erotika, then, we are progressing along the literary evolutionary scale, from bomba komiks,  Tiktik magazine, columns by Xerex Xaviera in tabloids and Dr. Margie Holmes in broadsheets, and even soft porn glossy magazines like the local editions of FHM and Maxim.

Filipinos are primarily a visual people. Whether this is a cultural preference or one ingrained by the media itself, it seems that magazines and other visual material sell than books. Fox Books, then, is testing new waters by offering the same subject in a more intellectual format.

Dagta offers stories by many, including Vlad Gonzales, Suzy Anonas, Michael Andrada, UZ Eliserio, and “Sarah Bulalacao” (pen name of Fox editor Sarah Grutas); and poems from the “Bikini Idolatry” cycle of Adam David (who also crafted the illustrations for the anthology).

Fox Books are available at National Bookstore, Fully Booked, and other retail outlets.

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