flora and fauna

Last weekend, Alex attended an expo at the Philippine Trade Center with her Botany class, and came home with a camera full of pictures of flowers and beasts.

A turtle, masses of orchids, a rufous hornbill, pots of herbs, an owl perched on her shoulder, the vibrant fuschia hue of a blossom – all caught her eye.

She wanted to buy a pot of rosemary because it reminded her of her sister (Ik’s second name is Rosemary) and because it smelled aromatic and sweet when crushed between her fingers – but she was afraid there would be no place for it to thrive in our tiny home.

She wanted to buy a grass snake – harmless, she said, and glorious in its sinuous slithering – but it cost eight thousand pesos, her allowance for two months.

She wanted to buy a furry mouse, but she knew I would shriek my abhorrence for rodents in the highest vocal register.

Memories are what she took away from that trip. Happy memories, the best kind.

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