ephraim lewis: drowning in your eyes

This is one of the best R&B songs I’ve ever heard. It was included in a CD called “Light and Easy” ballads that I was either given or had bought, I don’t recall which, perhaps four years ago. I had never heard this song or of the artist – Ephraim Lewis – before.

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Lately I’ve been putting on the album every night as I write articles for a horseracing magazine to be released next month. As I listen to this smooth, smokey, silky voice, the knots in my muscles loosen gradually, I take deeper breaths, and words start to rise from deep inside, flowing from my fingertips onto the keyboard to appear upon the screen coherently arranged, almost effortlessly.

It was only tonight that I thought to search for a music video and find out more about the artist.  He died young, after having cut only one album. Many say he could have been a superstar; but with this just one song, he lives forever.

For me, a song is always both the words and the music. The lyrics are a hauntingly perfect match to the melody. Yes, I have drowned in someone’s eyes. Haven’t we all?

[youtube tEQp6KkmegU]


Ephraim Lewis

Feel the ground it’s slipping away
Like a sigh that greets the close of day
Feel the water’s welcoming arms
Embrace me in their quiet calm
I can’t hear what you say anymore
Just the sound of trees on the ocean floor
Irresistibly drawn from the shore

I’m drowning in your eyes
I’m floating out to sea
Helpless on the restless tide
That flows between you and me

Moving slowly as if in a dream
The colours change from blue to green
All around me reflections of you
In forests deep I’m passing through
In the swell of the storm we’re as one
We’re dancing in the morning sun
Could it be that we’ve only just begun


Lying here beside you
I try to reach you but you’re so far…


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