don’t let CSS intimidate you!

There must be hundreds of thousands of Friendster layouts on the ‘Net, yet I couldn’t find one I really liked. When I saw one that I could live with for the meantime, it turned out to have a couple of design elements I didn’t care for.

One – the heads were almost the same color as the box border; the text was unreadable.

Two - the text font was great – Palatino Linotype – but I didn’t think it quite suitable as I find tiny serif fonts hard to read.

What to do? Otherwise, it was quite pretty.

Here’s what I did – I went into the CSS code – the text that you copy from whatever source – and carefully studied it.

There was something that said “user content” beside something that read “color” and a string of letters and numbers that looked familiar to me from Adobe Photoshop – color codes. Using the Photoshop Color Picker, I chose a lighter color for the text that would make the heads stand out from the red-violet background. I noted the code number for that color (a lighter pink), and started changing the color codes of that section. Save, then View Profile.

Hmm. The colors for the text within the boxes changed. Not quite what I was going for (the heads) but I was getting there.

Another section of code read “usercontent” and “commonbox”. Again I swapped the existing color codes for the one I wanted. For good measure, I changed the font, from “font-family: Palatino Linotype” to “font-family: Gills Sans” (my favorite sans-serif font). Save, View Profile…

…it worked!

I love the way it is now – the heads pop up from against the background, and the text within the boxes are a nice soft pink in a font that I like.

Mind you, I don’t speak Code, know nothing about programming, I don’t even have programmer friends. It just goes to show – if you really want something, somehow you can find a way to bring it about.

But it isn’t enough to just really want it – you have to do something about it.

Anyway, the point of this particular story is: Don’t let CSS – or anything else – intimidate you. RULE IT!

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