charles higham: mrs simpson

For some reason, the lives of dead European, especially British, royals have fascinated me no end. I’ve had this book for quite some time, but lately have been re-reading it. It’s all about the woman for whom a king gave up a throne – Wallis Warfield Spencer Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor.

Author Charles Higham, whose father was a member of the British nobility, had access to information and dossiers that were until recently kept classified. His “in” into British and European society also helped him obtain personal reminiscences from people who were the Duchess of Windsor’s contemporaries or their descendants.

Mrs Simpson dishes out a lot of juicy tidbits, not only about Wallis’ notorious personal life, but also about top-secret political machinations around the time of the Second World War.

But beyond the gossip, fashion, scandal, and intrigues that swirled around this magnetic couple, on thing is clear – the love that Edward had for his Wallis.

Would that we all could find someone to love us as utterly and completely!

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