bandoska: larga na!

This is the most interesting project I’ve done for racing so far – writing lyrics for a song!

The Philippine Racing Commission, the government body that supervises horseracing, wanted its own promotional jingle along the lines of the Department of Tourism’s “Wow, Philippines!” and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s “Walang Kupas”. The music had to be dance or pop with an infectious beat, all the better to convey the fun and excitement of racing.

It was a difficult task, which fell to reggae musician and veteran video editor Jeck Pilpil. Not being a karerista, he could not write the lyrics himself, so I supplied him with an entire sheet of phrases, just doing the best I could. It was my first attempt at writing song lyrics, and I was apprehensive. I don’t even write poetry!

Jeck Pilpil of Bandoska.

It took Jeck about a month to come up with his first demo, performed by his band Peacepipe. It sounded too hard rock, too harsh and not at all what I had in mind. I asked for a redo, and after another month, he submitted a song that had our toes tapping and our heads nodding as we listened. It turned out that Jeck had asked ska group Bandoska to perform his music, which was a better fit for what we needed.

My lyrics he just tweaked, removing two superfluous stanzas, adding a couple of phrases to make the song flow better in time with the music, and re-arranging others to to form a refrain and chorus.

My video graphics editor, Jojo Llamanzares, a veteran of GMA Network and Prime Channel’s horseracing coverage, worked his non-linear editing magic with song and the photos and footage I supplied and that we shot. Given just a rough sequence guide, going mostly with the flow of the lyrics, he created a video that captures the spirit of racing.

It was his brilliant idea to make it like a karaoke video, to maximize audience impact and make sure the message was understood.

This is Philracom’s first jingle, and, for that matter, it is their first TV plug ever. (The most video publicity they usually get is their logo on the event plugs of the stakes races they sponsor monthly.)

It is also the first corporate jingle made for an entity in the racing industry.

[youtube C6xEwjiv0tk&feature=player_embedded]

Larga Na! (Bandoska, 2008)

Larga na!/ Dito sa karera / Walang tigil ang aksiyon at saya/Panalo ka!/ Kasama ka/ Philracom…tayo na/ Tara na, tayo nang manood/ Walang katulad ang karera…

(Refrain): Sa pagtulong sa kapwa/ Karamay siya/ At basta’t pakarera/ Sa Philracom…Larga na!

(Chorus 2x): Sa Philracom, laging kasama/ Pag-asenso ng madla/ Sa Philracom, tumutulong sa kapwa/ Sa Philracom, Larga na!

Halika na/Isama mo’ng barkada/Mga kampeon dito sa pista/ Sino ba sila?/ Kasama ka/ Philracom…tayo na/ Tara na,tayo nang manood/ Walang katulad ang karera!

(Repeat refrain, repeat chorus 2x) Larga na!”

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